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Whenever you bring your vehicle to our shop for dent or hail damage repair, you can expect us to use all of the lessons that our years of experience have taught us to give you reliable and satisfactory service every time.


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We have paintless dent repair too!



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Take advantage of our competitive pricing to keep your dent work affordable.

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Paintless dent removal is more than a service, it’s an art

Hail & Dent Repair Center guarantees you will have a superior level of quality, both for your repairs and your customer service experience. When you need professional paintless dent repair services in the Indianapolis, IN contact Hail & Dent.


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Do you provide free estimates?


We come to your home for a free consultation; we look at your existing stair or stair opening, talk with you about your objectives, and get a sense of your design style. Then we’ll brainstorm some stair designs, rail designs, and stair layouts, and then recommend and quote a new architectural stair design for your home.

What material is the best value?


 Red Oak and Poplar trees are plentiful in the United States and are the most commonly used material with interior wood products. The higher the availability in material, the lower the cost. Designed Stairs manufactures and stocks a wide variety of Red Oak and Poplar stair parts. Therefore Red Oak or Poplar are your best values.


I am interested in replacing my current rail system, what should I do first?


We will either come out to your home to take measurements and discuss design options or we can schedule an appointment.


I am building a new custom home, when should I think about my stair options?


Contact us as early in the planning stage as possible. We can work with the Architect, Designer or Homeowner on the design, layout and code requirements for your stair system.


At what stage of construction should stairs be installed?


Stairs are typically installed prior to flooring and after drywall has been textured and painted.


How much will my stair remodel cost?


The price for your remodel will be based on the exact material and labor details that are required for your specific project. We don't price in generalities or by linear footage. This method allows us to give our customers the best possible price. We offer several options and styles that can accommodate your budget.


How long will my stair install take from start to finish?


Actual install time will vary, but most installs are completed within 2 to 5 days. We will be able to give you a better idea upon review of your project.

What can I expect during the staining and finish process?

After the actual install is fully complete, we will apply stain, sanding sealer and lacquer. Most stain colors are hand applied, which allows the stain to penetrate the wood. The finished product will be strong, durable and make the staircase the centerpiece of your home.


How much disruption and dust should I expect in my home during the install?


Our Installers and Finishers work clean and will treat your home with respect. We will set up our saw and equipment either outside or in a garage/covered area, in order to minimize sawdust. We'll do our best to contain dust and will shop vac daily, but expect light cleaning after the remodel is complete.


What if I’m just remodeling and not building a new home?

Although you’ll be more limited to the existing space or shape of the stairs, there are many design options to choose from. We specialize in helping folks realize a new look for their home by re-working their existing staircase. Whether it’s a whole tear-out or simply replacing existing wood balusters with newly- designed turnings or metal balusters, we can create design ideas that you’d see in new and custom homes that were begun from scratch.

What types of stairs do you install?


We design, build and ship all types of steel floating staircases, including straight stairs, stairs with landings and turns, cantilevered stairs, L-shaped stairs, U-shaped stairs, winder stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs.


Indoor vs Outdoor Staircases?


For indoor, you can use whatever material you want to suit your aesthetic. For outdoor, you want to stick to the more weather and corrosion resistant materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, and select woods.


What are staircase measurements?


There are a lot of factors that play into this, and it depends on if you’re getting a spiral or straight staircase. Primarily, you want to know things like rise, run, footprint, floor-to-floor height, diameter, and other dimensions.


Will you do just a railing job?


We often do railing-only jobs. Many homes can be rejuvenated simply by replacing a railing system.


Do you paint?

As a stair company, we do not offer painting services; we offer high-end, quality stair and railing.