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Whenever you bring your vehicle to our shop for dent or hail damage repair, you can expect us to use all of the lessons that our years of experience have taught us to give you reliable and satisfactory service every time.


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Paintless dent removal is more than a service, it’s an art

Hail & Dent Repair Center guarantees you will have a superior level of quality, both for your repairs and your customer service experience. When you need professional paintless dent repair services in the Indianapolis, IN contact Hail & Dent.

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What is Paintless Dent Repair?


Paintless dent repair is a method for removing minor dents, dings, and hail damage from the body of a vehicle. This method differs from traditional dent repair in that it doesn’t require any filling, sanding, or repainting of the vehicle’s protective finish. PDR is performed using special tools that gently push the dent out of the surface without disturbing the paint. You can trust that Hail & Dent Repair Center will fix it properly with PDR.


Why Should I use Paintless Dent Repair?


There are many benefits to using PDR to repair your vehicle. Paintless dent repair provides high-quality repairs that maintain the original factory finish of your vehicle. PDR works so well because it avoids some of the common issues that happen with conventional dent repair techniques that use grinding, bondo, fillers, and primers that can result in color match issues, paint shrinkage, or other unwanted effects months after the repair is completed. Paintless dent repair does not use chemicals during the repair process, which means the process is 100 percent environmentally friendly. Repairs can cost 1/4 – 1/3 less than conventional auto body repair and can be done in less than an hour in some cases.


Do you guarantee quality?


At Hail & Dent Repair Center, we stand behind the quality of every dent repair job we perform. We guarantee all of our repairs for the life of the vehicle as long as you own it.


Can you perform the repair onsite?


Most repairs require a bit more time and will need to spend time in our shop to ensure lasting quality for your dent removal work.


Do you work with my insurance?


At Hail & Dent, we work with all auto insurance and we strive to make the claim process easy. You simply contact your insurance claim center and select us as your preferred vendor. Schedule your estimate and we do the rest.


What kinds of damage can PDR fix?


Paintless dent repair works on a whole variety of different sized and shaped dents in just about any place on your vehicle. Some dents can be in hard to reach places, which can make repairs take longer, but nearly all dents are good candidates for PDR. The Hail & Dent Repair Center team will start by providing you with a free dent repair estimate so you can know what to expect based on your vehicle’s damage.


Will I need more than one appointment? How long does it take?


Paintless dent repair has a major benefit over traditional dent repair in that our repair process is a lot faster. We work to remove your dents rather than filling them in, so there’s no wait time while filler or paint sets. This means that we can repair most dents in a single appointment. Better yet, we can often get repairs done in under an hour so you aren’t stuck without your vehicle for days at a time.


Will my dents come back?


No way, absolutely not! With traditional dent repair, if something happens to the paint or filler, the dent may reappear over time. That’s not the case with paintless dent repair. We actually remove the dents, so there’s no worry about them reappearing or coming back over time — well, not unless you get caught in another hail storm.


Will dents be 100 percent removed?


In almost all cases, yes. Most minor dents can be removed easily and leave no sign the area was ever damaged. However, there are some deeper dents and some locations on your vehicle that are harder to fully repair. In the event that we can’t completely remove a dent, or if we can’t reach a dent to fully smooth it out, our team will keep you in the know.


Do I Have to Go Where My Insurance Company Says?


Absolutely not! You may take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice. Prior state law prohibited insurance companies from "steering" their clients to their repair shops however it has recently been amended and insurance companies can now push harder for you to choose one of their repair shops often call "DRP" (Direct Repair Program) shops even if you have already told them you will be taking your vehicle somewhere else. Ultimately: It's your car and your choice! Never be pressured into taking your vehicle to a shop you do not have confidence in, no matter who recommends it!


I Received an Estimate From You But the Insurance Company Wrote a Lower Estimate Why?


Most adjusters write a simplified initial estimate. It is our responsibility to ensure that all the necessary repairs are complete. Before you make your decision, you can bring in your copy of the insurance estimate and we can review them together and determine the differences.